EZ Photobooth LLC Sales

Michael Bryan Events is an authorized EZ Photo Booth LLC distributor for New York. Please contact us for more information regarding Sales, Service and Supplies for these remarkable photo booths!


Mike Berg
New York Sales Representative
Tel. 516-322-1745
Toll Free. 888-992-9593 Ext.1020
www.ezphotobooths.com | Mikeb@ezphotobooths.com


Q. Will I get any help with technical problems after purchasing your photo booth package?
A. Yes, we have dedicated tech support department that will help you and teach you how to operate your photo booth. Our goal is to help you build your photo booth rental business so that you can come back and purchase you next photo booth.

Q. What kind of printers can i use to fit inside the photo booth?
A. Almost every kind of dye sublimation printer on the market can fir inside the photo booth, but we mainly use DNP RX1 and Hiti P510 for our printer.

Q. Will all my equipments fits in smoothly and remove easily?
A. Yes. The light is mounted on top of the shelve and camera is mounted on a swivel base which allows you to tilt and adjust to capture the photo.

Q. I have my own custom photo booth design and I want your help to tweak it and build it. What kind of help can you offer me and how much it cost?
A. We can help you design your custom photo booth, after all that is why we exist int the business we are a custom photo booth manufacturer. From start to finished, we can design the photo booth that fits your needs. Depending on the design, the price will vary. If you tell us how you want it design, we can get you a price and begin the process of designing your own custom photo booth.

Q. Whats the turn around time for your photo booth?
A. Our standard turn around time is normally two weeks but depending on the demand, we may turn it around within 2-3 weeks on the first come basis. We also offer rush charge if necessary.

Q.What type of enclosure do you recommend?
A. Different occasions requires different enclosure. We sell a lot of our HSE200 (hard shell enclosure) because most of our customer wants to bring that old school photo booth feel rather than the standard pipes and drapes enclosure. No matter, we offer them both & both options are great for photo booth rental business.