Here at Michael Bryan Events, we take pride in saying that not only do we provide the best in entertainment, but the best in both sound and lighting equipment. We use only top quality brands for our audio gear! We also make it a point to keep back-up systems on hand in case of any, though slight of a chance as it may be, system failure…ensuring that your event will continue without disruption.

Additionally, not only do we use the best, but we have enough equipment [and staff] for multiple events on one single date. We have various operations and setups for sound, so we can accommodate any type of event…from the smallest and most intimate of settings to the largest and most elaborate of events.

Aside from audio equipment, we also offer a large variety of visuals to accompany your event music. From a multitude of large screen LCD Television displays, to high definition projectors and screens, to karaoke and gaming systems and of course, sensory tantalizing support lighting…your event will be truly unforgettable! To learn more about our lighting equipment, keep reading below!


Do you know what the perfect complement to the perfect sound is? The perfect combination of lighting and visual effects.

Creating an atmosphere with state-of-the-art lighting technology that you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy is important to us, and our variety of intelligent lighting effects create just that…a fun yet sophisticated party environment for your event.

We can provide your event with an array of intelligent lighting and laser effects, which project colorful arrays of light in various programmable sequences, shapes, and patterns splashed throughout the room!

Setting the mood…

Many venues have plain and dull walls. So why not liven them up a bit, providing for a truly glamorous appeal?

With Michael Bryan Events lighting, you can transform that room to have an ambient color of your choice, making it look warm and elegant. Not only does it set a great impression for you and your guests, but it also makes for amazing photographs and videos.

We take pride in every aspect of our business…

We really do! We pay attention to every little detail of the entertainment we provide and to your event.

One of our goals is to ensure that your event is as unique as you want it to be, setting you aside and above from the rest. Our lighting does not stop with what is attached to our trussing or placed around the venue room. Our custom built equipment frontboards offer additional intelligent lighting effects…truly offering a unique visual experience. If you would like this option for your event, please inquire with an Michael Bryan Events representative at your time of booking.